Neuroethics Co-Lab Think Tank

The Neuroethics and Neurotech Innovation Collaboratory offers neuroethics policy research and advising as well as confidential neuroethics consulting.

We utilize our rich cross-sectoral networks to convene global leaders to deliberate over and co-create practical solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s thorniest neuroethical issues. An example of one of our standing transnational collaborations with large-scale national-level brain research projects can be found here: We have collaborations with the BrainMind, the International Brain Initiative, the National Institutes of Health, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Economic Forum, and a wide range of public- and private-sector partners. We are also cultivating a community of neuroethics early adopters in neuro-industry.


We maintain a curated clearing house for the state-of -the-art in neuroethics guidance. Please feel free to contact Dr. Karen Rommelfanger if you’d like to have your guidance vetted by our team or if you’d like to connect to utilize our think tank functions.


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